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Protecting your good name Worldwide


FCR only recommend 'Best in Class' providers with whom they have had personal experience of the product and or services offered. Please feel free to contact us direct should you have any questions regarding the below providers. We can also assist with direct contact to key representatives in your jurisdiction.

IPSA International Inc 
New York, London, Vancouver, Phoenix

IPSA International, Inc. assists clients in mitigating risks throughout the world. The information and analysis we provide is utilized to increase and protect our clients’ investments and assets by offering improved transparency to the choices they make or uncovering wrongdoings in their organization. We accomplish this by providing timely, accurate and actionable intelligence.

Our seasoned professionals specialize in conducting high-end investigations with expertise in services ranging from complex financial crime and intellectual property issues to conducting anti-bribery investigations or due diligence on a potential partner or customer.  


Company Documents Ltd 

For Company Research Worldwide, Company Documents, Company Search, Company Profile, Company Registry and Due Diligence Research. offers a specialised service for clients wishing to obtain up to date corporate research and copies of company registration documents for such purpose as due diligence, legal, or asset tracing.
We are able to access company registration offices worldwide and are pleased to be able to offer this service direct through our website.

Since the launch in 2003 of our online ordering service for Company Profile Reports and Copy Company Documents we are pleased to have assisted many clients with their company research, and we thank them for their business and confidence in us.

Our clients include law firms,
banks and other financial organisations, government offices, commercial entities, investigators and private individuals. We provide a professional and prompt service to our clients and assure you that we treat your enquiry in strict confidence


Apate Consultancy               

Fraud and Chip Strategy -Turning Fraud into profit

Apate  provide consultancy services that deliver cost-effective operational improvements, which contribute towards increasing your profitability.

With internet fraud increasing and account take-over still relatively easy to orchestrate, we understand VBV, SecureCode and CodeSure deployment which will reduce risk for Issuers, Merchants and Cardholders, which in turn, improves profitability and reputation in a time of restricted margins and highly competitive markets.

If you are planning for EMV on DDA/CDA we will enhance for future deployment of contactless and mobile transactions in the global market, ensuring the latest technology is utilised cost-effectively for you.


MD5 Mobile telephone and Computer Forensics
Our fully trained forensic investigators have extensive knowledge and experience in computer forensic and mobile phone forensic investigations and have extensive experience in presenting evidence in an understandable format in a court of law.

MD5 are committed to the continual training of our investigators and investing in research and development of new hardware/software that will enable us to maintain our all round advantage in defeating cybercrime. MD5 is widely renowned for producing important forensic software such as Virtual Forensic Computing (VFC). Our research has also developed software tools that can significantly reduce the search time in investigations.

Over the last decade there has been unparalled growth in Computers and Mobile Phones use at home and at work. Computers and Mobile Phones can hold more information and secrets that can prove important in supporting criminal cases, civil disputes, and employment proceedings.

FINANCIAL CRIME RISK lTDCrime RiskOur ExperienceFCR Linkedin group 35,000+ membersEndorsementsPartnersContact Us