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Protecting your good name Worldwide


Financial Crime Risk Ltd is a full-service 'Financial Crime' Security and Investigative Consulting firm. Utilising a worldwide network of resources we help our clients minimise the inherent risks involved in executing their business strategies.

With over 30 years experience spanning international Law Enforcement and with some of the worlds largest banks and blue chip corporates we can assist and guide our clients on a wide range of Financial Crime Risk prevention and detection strategies and investigative requirements. 

We can also assist you in sourcing temp or permanent Financial Crime, Fraud and Security and IT security specialist across a wide range of industries.  

With a proven track record in delivering strategic and organisational change within large organisations & experience in a wide range of detective and preventative systems, procedures & controls to mitigate the Financial Crime Risk exposure to your business.  We also undertake Financial Crime, Fraud, Security and Money laundering reviews and training.

FCR consultants focus on all aspects of fraud and security, including Information Security, Financial Crime Prevention, Business Continuity, Data Compromise Physical and Personal Security, Litigation Support, Corporate and Personal Due Diligence, Business Intelligence, Fraud/Corporate Investigations, Computer Forensics, Intellectual Property Investigations and Forensic Accounting.

We can also advise and recommend Financial Crime Risk solutions to suite you specific business requirements.

Our professionals have a reputation for delivering results in a cost-effective manner adhering to the highest legal and ethical standards

Financial Crime Risk Ltd provides financial crime consultancy services and support to both large and small corporates with particular emphasis on the regulated and non regulated financial services sectors.

Working in association with the highest calibre specialist partners internationally, FCR can offer a wide range of services and recommend solutions aimed at reducing your exposure to all aspects of criminal risk. 


Jim Oakes Managing Director FCR Ltd Participating at Interpol HQ Lyon France

FCR participate and lead in a number Internationally recognised Financial Crime, Fraud and Security organisations and associated events worldwide in order to maintain knowledge of industry best practice, cutting edge techniques, advanced industry preventitive skills and first hand knowledge of a Financial Crime Fraud and Security solutions to support your business needs and to protect your good name worldwide.


                                               Jim Oakes Managing Director FCR Ltd Presenting at Standard Chartered Bank

Association of Certified Fraud Examiners

The world's largest anti-fraud organization and premier provider of anti-fraud training and education.

Jim Oakes CFE, CFCO, Managing Director Financial Crime Risk Ltd served as Chairmanon the Board of Regents of the ACFE between 2012 -2013

The Board of Regents are elected by the certified members of ACFE. They are responsible for setting membership standards that promote professionalism and ensure the future of the organization as a whole.  The Regents have sole authority over the admission of members, including but not limited to examination standards. They also establish continuing professional education requirements, and are responsible for establishing, modifying and enforcing the CFE Code of Professional Ethics as well as all other matters necessary to maintain the high standards of the ACFE. 

Appointed Regent Emeritus of the ACFE May 2013

Appointed to the Board of Review of the ACFE March 2015



Financial Crime Risk Limited and VAT Registered company since 2004



FINANCIAL CRIME RISK lTDCrime RiskOur ExperienceFCR Linkedin group 35,000+ membersEndorsementsPartnersContact Us